Dr.Mohan Kumars C.V



DATE OF BIRTH – 16/05/1951


  • Had Undergraduate Training (MBBS) in TD Medical College,  Alleppey, ,
  • AB in Medicine from Ohio, U.S.A.,
  • MD Pulmonology from CHU Brabois, Nancy University, France,
  • Diploma in Respiratory Pathophysiology (DPPR) in 1984 from Nancy University, France.
  • Received DSc from USA in Respiratory Care in 2010.

Training :

Had certificate in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from AIIPM&R, Mumbai in 1978. Received certificate in Exercise Physiology from Spain.
Fellowships : Fellowships from American College of Chest Physicians, Indian Association of Bronchology, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Association of Respiratory Care , National College of Chest Physicians (India) & Indian Sleep disorders association. Conferred Fellowship of Asia Pacific Society of Respirology in May 2013


  • Worked as Assistant Professor & Research Fellow, Nancy University (France) – till 1984
  • Assistant Surgeon, Kerala Government Service-till 1987
  • Chief, Pulmonology Department, Kovai Medical Center, Coimbatore- till 1992
  • Chief, Institute of Pulmonary Medicine and Research, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore- till date
  • Visiting consultant to various hospitals in Coimbatore.
  • Visiting Professor, School of Medicine, West Virginia University, Morgan town, USA.
  • Professor, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical sciences, Coimbatore.


Clinical Respiratory Medicine/ Critical Care/ Interventional Bronchoscopy/ Pulmonary Pathophysiology / Sleep Disorders.


  • First Indian to get MD and DPPR from Nancy University, France
  • Published & Written Articles in Indian / Foreign Journals & Books about 65 Articles
  • Speaker in National & International Conferences.
  • Conducted 5 National updates in Pulmonology in 1992, 93, 94 , 96 &2009.
  • Gold Medal Recipient for Oration from Andhra Tuberculosis Association in 1995
    Late Dr.D.Krishnamoorthy Oration at Shimoga on 5th  July 1998, Shimoga, Karnataka
  • ICS Oration, NAPCON, Mumbai 2001
  • Achievement Award, TDMC Alumni, 4th May 2003.
  • Dr.Kalyanaraman Oration Award 2005, IMA, Coimbatore.
  • Dr.Santhosham Memorial Oration & Award 21.01.2006, Chennai 11th BRONCOCON 2006.
  • Oration APCCM,  Respicon 2006, Cochin 7th May 2006
  • Dr NUV Warrier Oration 2010, APCCM,Cochin
  • Lifetime achievement award from Dr MGR University on 22/11/2012
  • Fellowship APSR in 2013
  • Lifetime achievement award IMA,Coimbatore, 2014
  • Dr Mohanty Environmental Society Oration on 27 th June 2015,Mumbai.

Editorial board -API Journal (1995-96):- Current Medical Trends, Lung India, Pulmon, Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences,  Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine, CHEST ( Indian Edition ) ,Indian Journal of Respiratory Care, Journal of Thoracic Bronchoscopy.
Ex Editor-Indian Journal of Bronchology & Allied Sciences.
Chapters in : Text book of tuberculosis Eds: S.K.Sharma ,A. Mohan
Text book of Pulmonary Medicine Ed: S,K.Jindal
Text book of Geriatrics 2014 Ed Dr Sanchetee
Reviewer :- Text book of Respiratory Medicine , Murray & Nadel,
Organizing Secretary:  Napcon 2003, November 12-16, 2003.

Positions held :
1. IMA Secretary 1985-1986 (Tirur)
2. IMA President 1986-1987 (Tirur)
3. National Vice president, Indian Chest Society (2000)
4. National President, Indian Chest Society (2000-2001)
5. National Delegate (India), European Respiratory Society (Oct 1st,2003-2006).
6. National Vice President : Indian Association of Bronchology (2004-2005)
7. Task Force Member, American Academy of Sleep Medicine 2003-2004 in
Paediatric Sleep  Medicine.
8. National Guidelines (India) for COPD : Participant Member.
9. Zonal Chairman, Indian Sleep Disorders Association 2005-2006.
10. National President, Indian Association of Bronchology 2005-2006
11.    International Governor , American College of Chest Physicians.
12. Governor, India, American Association of Respiratory care.
13.Governing Council member, Association of Pulmonary & Critical care
14.Secretary , Clinical Problems ERS  from Sep 5, 2012 for 3 years
15. Member, Credential committee ACCP since 2013
16.President ,Coimbatore Respiratory Society since 2014
17. President Elect , APCCM since 2014
18.President ,APCCM,2015
18. Chairperson  Clinical Problems Group ERS from Sep 2015

Life Member:

  • Association of Physicians of India,
  • Indian Medical Association,
  • National College of Chest Physicians (Governing Council Member),
  • Indian Chest Society (Governing Council Member, Past President),
  • American College of Chest Physicians (Fellow Governing Council, Member),
  • European Respiratory Society (National Delegate for India,
  • Secretary Clinical problems,Chairman elect),
  • Indian Association of Bronchoscopy (Fellow),
  • American Thoracic Society,
  • International Society of Critical Care ,
  • International Allergy Academy,
  • Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine,
  • Academy of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine (Fellow),
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine. (Fellow),
  • American College of Tropical Medicine,
  • Indian Association of Lung Cancer,
  • Indian Association of Allergy and Immunology,
  • Indian Sleep Disorders Association (Zonal Chairman),
  • World association of Bronchology,
  • American association of Bronchology,
  • Fellowship of Indian Sleep Disorders Association conferred in 2011. Fellow APSR conferred in 2013.


Clinic    : Chest clinic, 253/4,Rajratna complex(Ground floor) Lawley road junction,On Maruthamalai road, Coimbatore- 641 003, Tamilnadu, India

Residence: “SAMUDRA”,1, Kalpana  Nagar, Maruthamalai Road, Bharathiar Uty. P.O, Coimbatore-
641046, Tamil Nadu, India.

Phones:  Office          :  +91 7598110066/77 , +919566302996

E mail    : tmkdr@yahoo.co.in / tmkdr@hotmail.com / mthekkinkattil@yahoo.co.in

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